SAMi science and mathematics institute

SAMi recognizes that student dress and grooming are generally a matter of personal choice. However, there is a documented relationship between student dress and success, school pride, the safety and general welfare of the students and staff and the accomplishment of the academic goals and education objectives. School uniforms are mandatory for Kindergarten – 12th grade students.  Unless otherwise specified.

Student Uniforms will be available for purchase beginning June 1, for the following school year. Parents will be able to purchase them by calling the school.

The School Uniforms must adhere to the following dress standards:

With the exception of the SAMI logo, other logos and emblems, insignias, etc., are not permitted on any item of clothing,

  • Outwear (sweater, jackets and sweatshirts, etc.) must be in plain school colors of (white, black or purple), the SAMI logo is mandatory. All shirts must be tucked in with a belt.

Girls Uniforms:

  • Blouses / Shirts: White, purple, or black collared Polo shirts with SAMI logo
  • Bottoms: solid colored khaki or black (no blue jeans or cargo) pants/slacks, skirt, or mid-thigh shorts, or capris. *Leggings are not considered pants and should only be worn under skirts
  • Outerwear: (sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts, etc.) Must be in school colors of white, black, or purple.
  • Leggings under skirts must be plain (no patterns or embellishments) in the school colors of white, black or purple.

Boys Uniforms:

  • Shirts: White, purple, black collared shirt with the SAMI logo. *All undershirts must be white or black.
  • Bottoms: solid colored khaki or black pants and shorts (No jeans or cargos)
  • Hats are not permitted to be worn in school and will be taken.
  • Outerwear: (sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts, etc.) Must be in school colors of white, black, or purple.


  • All shoes must have a back to them. Slides are not allowed. For safety reasons, students wearing shoes that are deemed to be unsafe for certain activities may have activity restricted or limited access to school activities and equipment. Parents may be called to bring new shoes, depending upon the circumstances.

All Students must adhere to the following standards of “Dress Down/Spirit Day”

  • No tops that expose the chest or abdomen are to be worn (no midriffs). No backless, strapless apparel, tube tops or any top with straps less than 2: wide (no spaghetti strap sundress or tops)
  • Skirts need to be no shorter than 4” above the knee. No baggy or loose sagging pants.
  • Inappropriate lettering or designs will not be permitted on clothing (i.e., profanity, alcohol, and tobacco products)

All Students must be in UNIFORM EVERY DAY.  If your student isn’t in uniform, a parent/guardian will be called and student will be sent home.  IF parent cannot retrieve student the student will be put into in-house suspension and marked as an unexcused absence.